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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Edinburgh Fringe

This week the Edinburgh Fringe has started.... and I'm in Edinburgh now until Monday.

I'll pop in for updates as often as poss but won't be home for a while so internet access may be difficult.

Concert-wise: Tomorrow & Thurs - Bach B minor Mass Cannongate Kirk
Sunday - Glasgow Chamber Choir gig... don't know where or what I'm playing.
Sunday 19th August at 8pm St Cuthberts Church - Trumpet trio recital with organ in St Cuthbert's church.
It's all fun. Though Edinburgh is completely mental during August - there are people everywhere. I try to be tolerant, but it can be difficult when you are running late for a rehearsal and have to try to get a path through the crowds of tourists standing looking around... I have to resist the temptation to use my trumpet as a battering ram to force my way through!

So: If you're about in Edinburgh on the 19th we would very much appreciate your support! It's free entry & unticketed (although we will need donations or we won't get paid...).


Travis said...

Have fun! Miss you already!

Gattina said...

I am on holidays at the english coast, in Eastbourne ! The weather is very good, the sea is of an unreal blue the seagulls shout and these old english coast towns are just lovely. I use the computer in my room early mornings when everybody is still asleep, cats included ! Today we will go to London doing some shopping and visiting my friend's daughter.

Bond said...

OH Have so much fun!

the108 said...

Good luck and have a blast!!

Annelisa said...

That brought back memories, thinking of the Edinburgh Festival. When I was in Stirling I hit the city streets every year about this time... how wonderful it was just drifting around from show to show... just seeing all the people. So colourful.

Mind you, I was a lot younger then. Maybe I wouldn't enjoy it quite so much now (though I think I would)

Have a lovely time!

See you again soon


kailani said...

Have a great time!

Julie said...

Wow...this sounds so exciting! Let us know how it went!

I hope you have a packed house and the funding is generous.

Turnbaby said...

that sounds like a blast!

Julie said...

You've been tagged my dear!

Coco said...

I'll just bet Julie tagged you for the same meme I came here for ... dang it! Would love to go to the Fringe ... don't suppose you have airfare and a couple spare tickets laying around ... have a wonderful time.