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Sunday, August 05, 2007


For the last month or so weekends have actually felt like weekends. I am not teaching as schools are off on holiday, and most of my concerts have been during the week.

The result has been: I have weekends again!

And I love them. Yesterday I did the usual practise... that has to happen anyway. But other than that I blogged (with my snail-slow internet), went to the shops, played with the cat, watched some tv and went to a party. Fab! Today I have been up for an hour or so and I am once more online. I am also watching telly. Soon I will go and make a cup of tea before starting practise again. I also have to do some crafty things and arrange an organ part out of a string section part for the telemann concerto no3 in D (for 2 oboes, tpt and strings... or in this case for 3 trumpets and organ. I've done the trumpet parts already - so only the organ to go. It's much harder to do though). I plan to save this job for the evening as it doesn't make as much noise!

It's been a quiet couple of weeks, so there wouldn't have been too much to tell you about anyway. I've mainly been in the office doing overtime. I had an office party at which I was not very drunk... don't know how that happened.

We did go to see the Transformers film - and I loved it. I do remember Transformers well though from childhood. They were amazing. My wee brother had them but never had Optimus Prime. I think our cousin Alex had him though.

Anway - enough rambling. If anything exciting happens I'll let you know...

P.S. I am having trouble leaving comments - think it's just this connection. Sorry chaps.


Turnbaby said...

Glad you are back sugar--and really glad you have your weekends!

TopChamp said...

turn - glad you came as I tried to leave you a comment this morning whilst listening to your show archives... Hope today's went/goes well too! (Can't work out time zone differences).

Julie said...

Hey TC! I love it when I have a day with nothing pressing and when I have a weekend...why that's just sheer heaven.

I love taking naps on the weekends!

the108 said...

I am so glad that you have your weekends back!

I have a bootlegged copy of the Transformers on my laptop but haven't watched it yet... I might do that tonight.