one step at a time.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Partick Thistle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight I went to see Partick Thistle play St Johnstone in the CIS Insurance Cup.

It was VERY exciting. In the first half Thistle played brilliantly - and I was sure that they would score...... but they didn't.

In the second half St Johnstone seemed stronger - and Partick Thistle were weakening. I worried that St Johnstone might score..... but they didn't.

It went to extra time. Nobody scored.

So the next step is the penalty shoot out. Now this bit was most exciting of all. It went to the 7th penalty when Thistle won in the end. Phew!

And as for hospitality: How does a champagne reception, followed by a four course dinner and free bar sound? Mmm... Perfect night.


Bond said...

I certainly would have enjoyed the drink and meal... glad you enjoyed the match

Queenie said...

How does it sound? it sounds great I'm sure you enjoyed every mouthful and sip/gulp!!!!

Julie said...

Good time for TC! I'm happy for you!~