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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Internet Connection

Ok - it is now nearly one month since my broadband broke down.

Orange (my internet provider) have a clause that says you can cancel after 1 month without broadband. This will pass tomorrow.

Do I cancel and switch provider?

Pros: Orange only cost £5 per month.
Cons: They have not been providing the service for the last month and have been completely unable to come up with an explanation as to what's wrong.. or what they're actually doing. All they can tell me is that 'engineers are working on it'. Obviously not hard enough.

Pros for switching: I will have broadband again.
Cons for switching: I took my mobile phone contract partly because I could get broadband cheaply if I had a contract of £35 a month....... I would have shopped around if this had not been the case.

What to do???


Turnbaby said...

I'd switch--

Travis said...

I'd switch too. You get what you pay for I guess.