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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Strictly Come Dancing

I love the dancing... Unlike Travis I am sadly blessed with 2 left feet, but I still LOVE watching dancing.

So I bring you my favourite dancer - Alesha. This is the only version with embedded allowed that I could find so wait for it to load if poss and skip to 3 mins 20ish:

And sex-bomb Kelly Brook. This is a really annoying cut up version but she's still beautiful.

Finally the person who left - Penny Lancaster-Stewart who had a bit of a disadvantage in that her partner had never made it this far himself and had never done this dance before either.... oops. 2mins14 again for the dancing. Bye Penny!

I should probably mention that I've missed the Saturday show several weeks (including this one) so a fair bit of my Strictly watching has been from the results show and You Tube.


Travis said...

This show suffers from the same odd music selections.

But despite the music, I did enjoy both Alesha and Kelly. The thing I liked about Alesha was the energy.

I appreciated Kelly's partner for being able to rise above the music and make a Viennese Waltz that still had elements of romance despite the unromantic music.

Thanks for the clips!

TopChamp said...

No worries Travis.

Do you know who chooses the music? I think it's maybe the celebs and dancers as Kenny Logan (Scottish Rugby player) has danced to Flower of Scotland for his waltz.

Sniz said...

I think this type of dancing is so beautiful! I really wish I could do it, but I too, have two left feet. Hey, was that recording on your information page you playing the trumpet?

TopChamp said...

Hi Sniz - it is me yes but it's me after HOURS of playing and it's a terrible recording. It's natural trumpet though - authentic period instrument stuff. I should put a better one up really as that's been there for a LOOONG time and is really quite sh't. I'll put it on my list.

Akelamalu said...

I love any sort of dancing, strict or not!

Queenie said...

I've missed alot of the shows, but saw Penny and Kelly on the Johnathan Ross show (how long are Pennys legs)?I think Penny thought she might win "WRONG".

kailani said...

What would we do without YouTube?

Travis said...

The celebrities and pros don't choose the music. It is given to them by a production committee. I think that if the pros chose the music, it would definitely be more appropriate to the style of dance.