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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Circus Night

OMG - A circus indeed it was!

I had a mum helping because her daughter was making a promise tonight. My planning at the moment is totally crap. I will improve for next term. We're getting away with it by using my experience and talent for winging it. But I suspect it's finite.

I'll need to organise a planning meeting for next term (hopefully in the pub... that'd be my ideal).

Tonight we: Made juggling balls out of balloons filled with bulgar wheat. It's quite cool - makes a sort of beanbag/stress ball thing. You use a funnel to fill a balloon with the wheat then twist up the neck. Cut the top off another balloon and stretch it over the neck of the filled balloon, to make a two-tone juggling ball.

This bit would have worked FINE except that I couldn't get a funnel anywhere (no time to try a DIY shop but I did do the Guide shop, hobby shop and supermarkets). In the supermarket by the balloons they had party hats. "Hmmm, they look a lot like funnels" I think.

Party hats are funnel shaped, but they do not make the greatest of funnels. We got by - and each girl went home with one juggling ball. But you can't really do much juggling with one ball! Also the Young Leader I think was trying to suggest they look like bollocks. I just ignored it - she was annoying me tonight anyway - totally unhelpful all evening. (I told her off for it even though I hate doing that).

We also had hula hoops and a tightrope with blindfold. We had a ball and they played some fairground style games with the hoops and the ball. I think the kids enjoyed the night actually - so the mess and stress was definitely worth it. Promise ceremony went well (with my Assistant making her promise too).

I'm shattered though now so it's bedtime for me.


Anndi said...

I'm going to have to try those juggling balls with Chicklet.

Glad all went well!

The Guider said...

Sounds pretty good to me - but you're right, you'll be more calm about it all if you plan. Am liking the planning in the pub idea.

Travis said...

Should have tried either a kitchen-type store or perhaps a hardware store for the funnel. But you improvised!