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Monday, November 10, 2008

Early Music

I love early music. It gets me going.

Next weekend I'm playing cornett - I've mentioned it on my blog before so I'll just link it for you to find out more yourselves. (changed my mind and stuck up a photo)

I love to play this instrument. On graduating college I acquired a resin cornett but last year I bought a wooden one. I have been trying to learn it since, and am getting to grips with it now.

So this weekend was to be the virgin outing for this instrument. Until today I discovered that the pitch of the piece is a fourth higher than I had expected. That's a lot higher!

A week of mental practising is what is called for.


Travis said...

Does early music mean practice early in the day?

The Guider said...

I know it'w what you do, but your musical ability impresses me. I can barely tell if something is off-key.

CountryDew said...

Good luck! I know you will do great with the cornett.

Bond said...

Very cool... hope it goes well