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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen (I need your help!)

Thirteen random things (because I need your advice):

1) I am cooking dinner on Saturday and can't make a decision on what to cook.

2) Please help me choose the menu - Starter:

3) Main:

4) Pudding:

5) I am a competent cook.

6) I enjoy cooking so am looking forward to this weekend.

7) I haven't been participating in TT for a while because I am having some problems getting up for the office job on a Thursday and really haven't had the time before leaving.

8) I have been working most nights.

9) Yesterday I played in Oliver for a friend who couldn't do the matinee.

10) My friend who couldn't do the matinee phoned me to ask me if I could leave my trumpet as he'd forgotten his.

11) Because I am a good friend and a nice person I found the grottiest trumpet I could and modified it a little to make it slightly worse, then left it out for him. I did leave my real trumpet too - but he used the dodgy one which has tuning problems (I hear).

12) I went to the cinema last night and saw Burn After Reading.

13) I didn't like it.

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Travis said...

Oh dear...I'm afraid I cancelled out the other vote. You need some more to weigh in here.

TopChamp said...

I have an idea where to get more opinions.. it's a Thursday...

The Guider said...

Aren't you fancy with your surveys?

Hey, I'm going to be in Glasgow for Christmas - want to see if we can squeeze in a coffee together?

Queenie said...

What time do you want me there???????

grace @ sandier pastures said...

Whaaat!!? Even with Brad Pitt in it?? I haven't seen that movie but yeah, I thought the trailer was lame.

Anonymous said...

Can I come over for dinner?

That movie didn't look too interesting to me, so I guess I'm not missing anything.

Good luck with the dinner.

Nicholas said...

I see I voted with the majority on two out of the three courses.

That's a fun list!

Akelamalu said...

I just evened up the vote for your starter, sorry! :(

However, my choice of main and sweet course are tops so can I bag an invite please? :)

Sue said...

I'm hungry now!! Great TT :) Thanks so much for stopping by :)

Michelle said...

Very awesome TT. The survey was a nice touch. Hope your dinner turns out great. Happy TT!

Ann Bruce said...

My dinner's so boring in comparison!

TopChamp said...

Everyone - Thank you very much for your assistance! You're all very welcome - Saturday night at my house....

TopChamp said...

very sorry guys - the linky box has disappeared. I put it up yesterday morning but didn't notice it had gone!

It's back - I'll put you all on it later when I have time.

e-Mom said...

Great ideas. Now I'm hungry! :~D