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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to the Buzz

I have avoided my laptop and my mobile for the last day. I have another week off before I go back to teaching and nearly a week before the office job starts again so I thought I'd rather keep my head down for a day and chill out a little bit longer.

Today I picked my phone up to see three missed calls, three text messages and two voice mails. Great!

One of the messages was a lady looking for a brass instructor for her school, so that one was welcome!

One was my sister asking if I know someone who I played in youth orchestra with. Does that count as knowing them? Probably.

The last one was a friend asking if I want a curry tonight. My initial reaction is that I don't want to go out and see anyone again ever again (still in hibernate mode) but I know I'd love it if we went really. My boyfriend is very busy before New Year at work and I think is working late tonight so we can't. I do love curry but would rather cook him some food because he's going to be tired and I was very grumpy yesterday night (when he told me he had to work late).

Voice mails: One hang-up. Great! (nothing to do with that one), One gig lady who I am avoiding because I haven't organised another trumpet player for her yet.

Missed calls: Don't matter because if it was important they'd have left a message.

EMAIL: haven't got there yet. Next job!


Akelamalu said...

I had it when I miss calls but like you say if it's important they'll ring back. :)

Bond said...

Busy lady even in hibernation!

TopChamp said...

AK - I'm on holiday... only worrying about things I HAVE to worry about.

Bond - Not really. Today I woke up at 11am. Quite annoyed about it actually as I had stuff I wanted to do.