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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #36

Thirteen things (A fair few of which are Strictly Come Dancing videos)

1. Show dance - argentine tango. AMAZING. If you only have time to watch one, make it this one.

2. My Christmas tree is up! I'll hoover tonight then put the pressies round and post a picture.

3. I love Vincent. And I want Rachel to win.

4. I have finished the scarf my friend asked me to make for his girlfriend. However he now says he might give it to his mum. Is it bad that that annoyed me? I put MY mum's scarf on hold to do this one for him.

5. There's a good couple of minutes of bumph before the dance, but this shows that Rachel can do all the dances - in case you thought her tango was only good because Vincent is so good.

6. My boyfriend bought a bottle of port as a thank you gift for me to give to my friend who doesn't really drink. Ha ha - nice bottle of port for TC then.... I bought her something else.

7. This is a waltz which I think is dull but others might like.

8. My work has announced redundancies. I don't know if I'll be one of them but I think that finding a 2 day a week job might be tricky so I hope I'm not.

9. As my boss was off sick last week, I might have my appraisal today.

10. I've run out of toilet roll. Probably a fact you didn't want to know!

11. I've also run out of washing powder. Think it's time to go shopping.

12. It's now five past 8 so I need to get the bus to work.

13. I'd show you more dances but you've got my favourite there already. Hope Rachel wins. I'm off this weekend so I'll get to watch! Mum comes to visit on Monday.

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CountryDew said...

Happy TT! Lots of interesting videos here. Thanks for sharing.

And I hope you make it to the store! Yikes.

Gattina said...

After n° 9 when your boss was sick your run out of toilet paper ? hahaha ! what a coincidence !

Bond said...

That is weird he is now giving it to mom and not gf...

Get to the store...PLEASE

glad the tree is finally up

TopChamp said...

Hello Countrydew - shopping done!

Gattina - they're not related. Promise.

Bond - now I know you've not watched any dancing because the first video is all leg and shoe... and you'd have mentioned the legs I think!

The Guider said...

Love Strictly too! But I want Tom to win.

Travis said...

You know I love the Waltz, but that video was no longer availabe. That Tango was terrific!

Akelamalu said...

I love watching the Argentine Tango - I just wish I could do it! I'm so with you on Rachel - she is by far the best dancer, though I do like Tom too.

Hope you're not one of the redundancies m'dear.