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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wigwams in December

My grand (hastily thought up, not thought out) plan was to take Mum up to the wigwams near Tyndrum, for a night out of town. The wigwams are on a farm.

She (somewhat surprisingly) was up for the idea!

Off we went to the wigwam, leaving Glasgow in chilly winter sunshine. We drove off and headed deeper and deeper into grey clouds. As the weather closed in our hopes of a walk in the hills dwindled. We arrived at the farm in howling winds and driving rain!

(This is a photobucket picture I've lifted... must be what it looks like in summer.)

We checked in then fairly swiftly left to go to the Green Welly Stop for some shopping and to the pub for a bite to eat.

It was fun, we bought some things in the shops and the food in the pub was delicious. We both had spicy parsnip soup followed by Christmas roast dinner. Mmmmm.

We then drove back to the wigwam and shut ourselves in there with a few bottles of wine and some games. We played scrabble. I won. We played Yahtzee. I won! Kept me happy. We had some sandwichy bread things for dinner, played some more games, drank some more wine before bed.

The rain didn't let up at all so we woke up and had to walk to the toilet block in the same heavy rain we had walked through all evening.

The wigwam however was completely dry and very cosy. They are heated and lit, so it's a really nice place to stay. There are bench beds and a small table gives you something to play games on. I love it.


The Guider said...

Sounds great - apart from the weather. Is there a website I can look at for the wigwams?

Travis said...

Now that sounds like a lovely time you two spend together, despite the weather.