one step at a time.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I have a tree! It's all sparkly and pretty with it's angel on the top. I love it.

I have finished presents for: Mum, Boyf's mum, Boyf's sisters, Boyf's sister's boyfriend, friend's girlfriend.

The sloe gin is ready - I tried it and it's very nice.

On Monday my Mum arrives so I'll let her have a taste of the gin and tell me what she thinks. That means I have 1 day left to finish her pressie (as she'll be here and I can't be making it with her here!).

I have one more teaching thing left to do and then that's me for the term. Yey!

Overall I think we're sorted. I have to get something for my sister but the other gifts are done and dusted. I'm quite happy!


Gattina said...

Don't let mom fall from the chair under the table with your Gin tasting ! lol !

The Guider said...

Cool - we're off to get our tree today.

Did you love Strictly last night? Was so worried Tom would go home since he HAD to be in the dance off and I wanted a Tom/Rachel or Tom/Lisa final.

TopChamp said...

Gattina - That would be funny. We have soft floor coverings.

Guider - Enjoy tree shopping. My boyfriend works in a garden centre and they've nearly run out of the good trees already so get it asap!!

CountryDew said...

Do we get a picture of the tree?

Travis said...

Sounds like the basics are all set. Now you're ready for those last minute things that always seem to come up.

Happy Holidays!

Akelamalu said...

Sounds like you've got everything under control!

We put our tree and decoratioins up today too. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :)

Bond said...

You are ahead of me...I still have shopping to do!

Mrs Successful said...

I wasn't happy with my tree but I'm OK now. Your enthusiasm is so refreshing. xx

TopChamp said...

Countrydew - I'll get one as soon as I buy batteries for the camera!

Trav - Cheers x

AK - Never have ANYTHING under control. Far too scatty for that. But I'm quite happy about xmas.

Bond - good luck with it - I hate it.

Mrs S - Ah thanks! I'm a bit old now to be this excited.