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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Adventures... Part 1

Over the last 2 weeks we have toured Britain mostly camping in my new tent (thanks Mum & Dad - great pressie!). The most silly thing about this week was probably the number of ancient buildings we attempted to see only to find they had pay and display car parks or entry fees we didn't want to pay... so I have a whole host of photos of castles, abbeys etc that we have only seen from outside. I'll not share them for this reason.

As one does on holiday, we took a few photos. Now it is a well reported fact that people hate other people's holiday photographs... so I will minise the pain but do want to show you some of them.

On Saturday morning we headed North and camped in Pitlochrie.

Next we went down to Dundee to stay with a friend at her house, then headed down to Musselburgh (just by Edinburgh) via East Wemyss ancient caves. They have real cave paintings in.

Tuesday morning I had to go to work - on my birthday! The only school I teach in that was still running as all the others had finished up for the term. And half the kids were on a trip so couldn't have lessons. Grr.... Got away a bit early though, which was a bonus.

We then moved south via Lindisfarne staying in a beautiful tranquil campsite in West Kyloe. This is where I spent my 30th. We heated up some beef stew with rice, then sat out in the sunshine with birdsong and quiet moo-ing cows the only audible sounds, to read books until sunset. It was so quiet and sooooooo good!

Our next night was a campsite in the North Yorkshire Moors.
We had a walk through the woods near the campsite. They were a bit stinky because of the fields of foxgloves... growing on rotting woods they really didn't smell too good.

Then we went home for Mum's retirement party (which I'd organised with my Dad, sister and a friend of Ma's). It all went very well and Mum and her guests seemed happy. It was exhausting, however, and I was quite glad to be away to quiet nights in the tent again!


Strictly said...

Can't wait to hear more - you were close to me when near Northampton...I would say so near and yet so far, but I worked so many days the last few weeks, I probably wouldn't have been able to see you.

Travis said...

How could anyone not enjoy photos of tremendous scenery? Share away!

TopChamp said...

Strictly - I thought that - we drove past Oxford from Buckingham so I guessed we'd not be too far from you. We weren't planning anything though so I didn't know we'd be there til the day we got there. We decided where we were going to camp each morning. There was NO schedule. I loved that most!

Trav - Aye scenery is good. But the 10000 photos of trees and flowers and photos of the tent in every location I will save for family!

Gattina said...

Wow ! you did a big tour ! Must have been beautiful, you could have shown more pictures, I don't get bored, lol ! Hope you didn't sit singing in the rain mostly !

Bond said...

What a fantastic trip.....thanks for sharing some of your wonderful photos...

TopChamp said...

Gattina - Ha! More to come in Part 2 x

Bond - thank you.