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Monday, July 13, 2009

Adventures Part 2

OK. So after Mum's party we left with a car loaded with left over booze! My Mum's friend recommended a campsite in the Cotswolds so that's where we went first. It was lovely but familiar so we didn't think to photograph anything other than the moon.

On route we stopped for a walk in the Forest of Dean. We were getting to the halfway point when we heard an almighty grunt from the undergrowth. It scared me! A massive pig! On googling when we reached my sister's house it turns out they have wild boar there.

We headed from there to Cardiff to stay with my Sister and to pick up some stuff I'd left at home that she'd taken for me!

Our next night was in Melverley. This was my favourite campsite of all. In Melverley (tiny village) if you stand on one side of the bridge you're in England but cross it and you are in Wales! Our campsite was in England looking out across Wales. In the next field there was a church built in 1406 which hasn't been changed since. It has also not been out of use. So you can go around (for a donation) the real actual 1406 church. It is AMAZING! I loved it. Here's the pic.

And here is the tent in England... and Wales is just over the river behind the fence there. We walked up the hill in the background in the morning. It was a delightful walk up the hill but a hard walk down as we changed route and inadvertently went down the most difficult route.

After Melverley we went to Morecombe Bay - a place called Silverdale. At sunset it was quite beautiful though the wind made it quite chilly on the cliffs.

In Morecombe I received a text asking if I would play in a conference here on the Friday. This meant we'd need to come home on Thursday so Morecombe was our last night. To make up for the missed night camping we decided to make as much of a day of it as possible so we packed up and were off at 8.30am.

We managed to see a LOT of Britain in a day. We went to:

Windemere - had breakfast in the town and saw the lake,
Keswick where we went to the market and looked for some local ales,
Cumbrian stone circle - very cool

Penrith where we bought some boar sausages (revenge for the fright) and the ale we'd failed to get in Keswick,
Dumfries where we went to a nature reserve and found wild leek and listened for toads,
Castle Douglas where they had public loos and a tourist information,
and finally Kirkcudbright where the fish and chip shop is without doubt the best I have ever experienced before heading back to Glasgow through Dumfries & Galloway and Ayrshire.

It was some BEAUTIFUL scenery and the route from Kikcudbright to Glasgow is definitely one I'd like to visit again with more time.


Strictly said...

Now, if you liked the fish and chips in kirkcudbright, you should go to Anstruther in Fife, they have the best ever ever ever.

Loved the pic of Wales and England.

TopChamp said...

Strictly - we drove to Anstruther on the Monday of week 1 just for the fish and chips but they weren't anywhere near as good... sorry! In fact I didn't even think they were as good as the ship shaped chippy in Clydebank.

Travis said...

All the pictures are wonderful, but the sunset is stunning.