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Monday, July 27, 2009

Bathroom Part 2

We spent this weekend fixing up the bathroom floor. Under the layers (cork tiles, glue and paint) we found nice reddish tiles. They are fine except the one in the doorway corner had a split in and wobbled.

I lifted half the tile and put some glue down to fix it. When I re-laid the tile it didn't sit quite right. I called my boyfriend but didn't wait for him, then stood on the tile... and heard it crack.


A small piece of hardened grouting had gone under the tile and was lifting the corner. When I stood on the tile it just cracked in half the other way! So now it has 2 cracks, but is glued firmly.

We're going to leave it as is - after all the work stripping the floor it can stay plain tiled for now.

It was quite a productive weekend. We have also replaced the flush thing in the toilet and it now flushes perfectly.


Bond said...

ah bathroom fix ups...have done enough to last me the rest of my life...

Travis said...

No picture? I'll use my imagination then.

TopChamp said...

Bond - I can't say I enjoyed it but the end result is satisfying.

Trav - on its way but the camera batteries are dead and we have no spares.