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Friday, May 07, 2010

The Gig

The main event: Jamie Cullum.

I wasn't sure at first. We were in the Royal Concert Hall, a classical seated venue - which is not somewhere I would choose to hold a rock gig although jazz... perhaps ok. Having seen the gig there I would definitely not choose it. I like standing - so I can move about. Seated gigs aren't my thing.

Jamie opened with Don't Stop The Music and the fun started. He was lively and enthusiastic. You felt what he felt about the songs - his excitement was inspiring.

The set was varied, and he chatted to the crowd. He coped well with the Weegie (friendly) heckling and came across as cool, funny, intelligent.

He played for 2 hours without a break, and I was not bored for a minute. There was such contrast - in mood,style, genre.

Some moments were poignant, some were pretty, some were driven, some were sheer fun. We bopped to the lively numbers, and hung on every word of the melancholy love songs.

The tour is timed alongside the release of his latest album, and I am definitely planning to buy it.

This was a concert I will never forget.

The Support Act - Eliza Doolittle
The gig tonight began with a singer called Eliza Doolittle - daft name - an English girl who seemed to have forgotten her trousers.

She has a light summery style - a little reminiscent of Corinne Bailey-Rae but a bit rougher with more contrasts (better!).

Some of her songs were great - some clever writing lyrically and musically. Some of her songs I didn't like - in particular there was one which had a weird repeated note in the chorus that annoyed me every time I heard it.

She did really well - nothing I can critisise about her performance. I didn't love the music though... sorry.


Travis said...

I'll be picking up the new music as well. I really enjoy Jamie. The next time he's across the pond, we'll try and catch a show.

TopChamp said...

Trav - do. I would say he's better live. I like the songs but the show was wonderful.

Gattina said...

Must have been great to listen to him ! in some way he makes me think of Elton John's piano playing when I was 30 ! In any case he is a very talented piano player !
Usually I don't like piano at all !