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Monday, May 24, 2010


Last night we had a barbecue with some friends.

We made burgers & sausages of course, but also marinated a lamb joint in mint and yoghurt with some brown sugar and roasted it outside. YUM (I heard... there wasn't enough as there were 8 people and it was a little lamb joint).

We brought some cocktail mixes from New Orleans and had already had one at a party a few weeks ago, but we took this opportunity to make up some more.

Crushing ice was fun without any suitable equipment, but with all the usual funny(?) antics that occur when pissed people get hold of ice.

Mixing them up was fun.

Drinking the second round was most fun as my pal had put the ice (in a glass bowl) that was left over back in the freezer and it had set solid.....

So we had no option but to pour the whole lot into the bowl and dig out straws to guzzle it lying on our stomachs on the grass. 4 people played the game (don't think about the backwash from the straws please!).

Today I cleared up and tidied because I had people coming round this evening.

I did some revision for camp.

I arranged What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor and Skye Boat Song for trumpet groups I teach.

I practised a bit on my new old new trumpet (was new, discarded as didn't like it so is now old but am using it again as my other trumpet is gubbed).

I did some ironing, then went outside and sat (dozed) in the sun for the best part of an hour.

Love the sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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