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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Comedy Night

Last night I went out to celebrate my friend's impending marriage. We went to the comedy club, The Stand, where hen nights are banned on Saturdays so we had to be on a 'work night out'.

It started a bit ropey but actually ended up being very funny! I now want to know who I saw and if I can find out I will update this later.

OK - I have found one. It's really difficult to find the comedians names - nothing on google. I have had to look for things I remember about them and click on links to recognise photos. I do really have better things... well more important things... to be getting on with. Like practising a bit for the gig this afternoon. Or doing the Brownie accounts.

But this is niggling so I'm gonna keep investigating for a bit.

This was the easiest person to find as he looked familiar and as he had my full attention during his set I remember him well. Michael Smiley - VERY funny. He was last on, and I liked him very much. This had nothing to do with the 2 pints of cider and Crabbies ginger beer I'd consumed by the time he came on.

Found them all! Carol Tobin - we just kept waiting for her to get funny. We all wanted to laugh, but we never quite found the punchline.

Bob Graham - funny. Was he really that pissed? At one point he appeared to take a swig of beer and dribble so it's possible.

John Gillick - also funny.

If I were to put them in order of funny it would pretty much be as they were billed on the night.
Carol, Bob, John, Michael.

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