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Thursday, May 13, 2010

politics facebook and opinion

I have seen a whole load of status messages on facebook commenting about how much they disliked the hung parliament, and now the coallition which has been formed between lib dem and conservatives.

I am on the bus just now and can't remember the stats, but conservartives got by far the most votes. Labour were second, but a labour conservative alliance was never an option. Liberal Democrats received around a quarter of the votes leaving them able to join another party to form government.

However strange it may be that they chose Conservatives, they were voted by us to run our country - so we should let them get on with doing it.

So when I see whiney facebook status messages from people who told me they couldn't be bothered to vote.... Well I think they should just bite their tongues and think about what THEY did.

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Travis Cody said...

Vote and make your voice heard.

To those who found excuses not to vote, put your heads back down and let the grown ups try to get some stuff done.