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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Did it!

Run 1 of Week 3 Couch to 5K done....

I was really lacking in motivation today - I felt tired and a bit down in the dumps after our very lovely nephew and his mum left this morning.   Dixie seems to be missing them too.

I had also read the intro to this week's run programme and had discovered that I would need to run for 3 minutes at a time.  This sounded hard.

I spotted a comment on my blog - and when I read it I found encouragement from my friend.  Thank you CountryDew!

My other half and I headed out - he picked blackberries and rosehips while I ran round Mugdock Reservoir.

3 minutes of running is a bit unpleasant, but not impossible.  I don't like it so it's hard to make myself carry on for longer times.  One positive was that the 90 second runs seemed much shorter afterwards.

I ended up on the very far end of the reservoir and had not anticipated the walk back.  Having looked it up (just now) it is 3 miles right round the reservoir.  I must have run (interval-training running... part run part walk) about 2.25 miles.  I walked the rest with only 2 minutes of running when I realised how far I had to go to get back to the start.

Having already walked around 5 miles on my commute today I was tired at the end, but we bought some chinese take-away food on the way home and it has turned out to be a very lovely evening.


Mrs Successful said...

Your are amazing TC. I wish I had your get up and go, steely determination, enthusiasm, and oomph. It takes a lot to achieve what you have over the last wee while and your Weight Loss Ticker is looking fantastic. I can't even get myself out to do a walk never mind a spin class. I remember seeing an open-air spin class in Italy quite a few years ago and fancied a 'go', but I'm not up to that type of challenge anymore. The furthest I got was Zumba a few years ago with 'J' which fairly got me moving .. but I lost my motivation and I haven't found it since - thank goodness. Xx

Mrs Successful said...

Oh ... and I meant to ask ... what did your other half do with the rosehips? Xx

TopChamp said...

Mrs S - as long as I can find it fun I'm ok. It's true that having people to do it with you helps. Zumba scares me though - co-ordinated movement isn't my forte!

He intends to make rosehip jelly, but at the moment they are in a bag in the fridge. According to his Food for Free book, you don't have to get the seeds out before you make Jelly but you do before you make the syrup... which is then used as a medicine. Jelly sounds much better. Very high in vitamin C...........

I'll let you know if it happens!

Mrs Successful said...

Ah ha - I thought it might be jelly. They used the syrup during the 1940s when it was discovered the healing potential of Vitamin C.

I'm not so good with coordination nowadays except for the arm I use for wine - unless I have too much. xx

Travis Cody said...

The more I hear about your running plan, the more I like it. I'm glad you are sticking with it and seeing some postiive results.

TopChamp said...

Thanks Trav! For Mrs S - I threw the rosehips in the bin yesterday.