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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Run 2

I ran again.

One more to do this week - tomorrow morning or evening or Saturday.....

It's quite rewarding but I find it hard.  Even running for just 1 minute in a burst is quite hard.

Will keep updating as I like having the record here.

Update: Last night I went for the run immediately after work before a Brownie leaders meeting (2.25hrs or meeting!), in strong winds and a bit of rain.  I managed the whole programme but ran out of time for the warm-down walk, and sat all sweaty and red in the meeting.


Travis Cody said...

Running is a fine way to exercise and I like your commitment to do the 5k. But I've always found that an exercise that you don't like becomes an exercise that you don't keep up.

I hope you eventually find enjoyment in running. It is hard, but I think the benefit is worthwhile.

TopChamp said...

Hello Trav - I don't really expect that I'll grow to love running but I am still very heavy and it's actually difficult to do any strenuous exercise. I am quite determined - so can drag my huge frame up a mountain, or force it round a park at some speed. It is not very enjoyable though.

The plus side of the running so far is I feel benefit in muscles I don't use elsewhere - in particular my stomach. You get some work on the stomach muscles climbing a big hill, but not walking (even fast) around the city, and now I'm back at school and the evenings are darker and the days wetter the opportunity to go up mountains is reduced.

Travis Cody said...

That's good to hear. If you're getting results from the things that you're doing, then that's plenty of motivation to keep doing it.