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Saturday, May 24, 2008


On Thursday morning I realised it was the deadline for a music group directory of Scotland this Friday and I had two groups to enter this year.

I tried to get the entries together but had to leave for my office job. So I accepted that I would have to complete the entries after work and hand deliver them later.

By the time I got home and had the forms filled out with the bumph it was after 8pm. I then tried to muck about with working photos out at the correct DPI. What does that even mean?

By 10pm I had decided just to put the entries in without photos. It's cheaper and I had spent two hours failing to decipher dpi.

We then left with the documents in an addressed envelope using the sat nav to get to the postcode detailed on the form. The address was blah, blah, Abercorn School, Newton, Broxburn.

It turned out to be 40 miles away!

We arrived at the address the sat nav gave us to find that it was a closed up garden centre. We saw a sign for Abercorn and took the turn. It was a single-track country road. There were no lights.

We drove down this winding road, passing junctions which appeared to be entries to forest walks. At each junction there was a barrier and in front of the barrier was a parked car.

What could the people in the cars have been doing down a country lane in the pitch black at 11 o'clock at night??

We drove all the way along, passing about five houses one of which had a sign 'estate office' outside it.

When we reached a town we pulled over and I called my parents to ask them to Google the place and see if they could find any more information. They discovered that we were in the right place on our single track road. The office was in the grounds of a country house which had a big sign saying 'no vehicular access' outside.

We parked up down the country lane. I got out of the car and headed down the 'no vehicular access' road. There was a strange lively-looking caravan park just along the road, and another parked up but occupied car. My boyfriend was refusing to walk with me as the house was at least a mile along the road and he made me nervous of walking there alone by telling me it was the kind of place people would go hunting so he thought it would be dangerous.

We drove back to the 'estate office' and I gave up. Still in pitch black I stumbled my way up to their entrance and squeezed my CD and entry form through the tiny letterbox. We left.

The next day I emailed the office I should have delivered the envelope to, and the organisation who publish the directory and explained what had happened. I asked them to let me know if my entry was not received. I have not had a reply from either party.

Oh well - We had an adventure and and 80 mile round trip so I definitely tried my best to get it there!


Akelamalu said...

That was a bit like a mystery tour wasn't it? Hope you get a reply.

Travis said...

What a crazy time you had! And why would someone make it so difficult?