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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The fascinating story of old Pink Eye

Today one eye is a lot better but I have a sore throat and have lost my voice. Which is fun when you're teaching.

Fortunately my pupils are all great and helped me by not mucking about today.

I am playing the trumpet like a girl though. Really weedy. Working tomorrow so need that to change. It's only a rehearsal though so not SO serious.

Have any of you seen Pushing Daisys? Do you like it?

I think it's the style of American show that promises much. Along the Desperate Housewives lines but it is proving uninteresting. I'm not an Anna Friel fan anyway.


Jen said...

Pushing Daisies is just meh - I'll watch it but not care if I miss it.

MrsS said...

Och! Yer in an awfy state TC.

Been there with the sore/painful/dry throat and no voice complete with cough as you know, but did you also know that they say that conjunctivitis comes from looking at things you shouldn't!!! but I'm no expert. Maybe you cast your eyes over my blog - that's what did it!

Returning the compliment for you to heal soon.

I hope everyone has noticed how dedicated you were to your blog and your readers - and it's much appreciated.

Travis Cody said...

But I thought you were feeling better!

I've had a hacking cough for several days. This morning it was the first time I didn't wake up and spend an hour coughing.

CountryDew said...

Feel better soon!

TopChamp said...

Guider - Yup. Meh.

Mrs S - hello are you feeling a bit better? I'm not really.

Trav - My eyes look better but the end of the infection aparantly is a really sore throat.

That's a good sign! Hope that's the cough gone.