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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #29

Thursday Thirteen - Random things

1. My computer is back - and I am happy.
In case you haven't been here before (as I'm playing in a meme today) - my laptop broke a month ago and I have JUST got it back.

2. I have conjunctivitis, which is less pleasing. It is contagious and I job share in the office so don't have my own PC... currently debating the pros and cons of going in.

3. I feel OK - so could go in.

4. I hate taking sick days and this will be my second this year.

5. My vision is blurry.

6. I am contagious and share a PC - this isn't much fun and I would hate to give it to anyone else.
7. My eyes are pink and bloodshot. I quite want to post you a picture.. but it is gross.

8. I am producing gunk from my eyes.

9. The symptoms are not painful.

10. I think the contagious aspect of this is the big deciding factor. Also the docs said not to go to work for 48 hours because of the contagious thing... which means I should go tomorrow but not today.

11. I haven't done any practise for a day or so because even blowing my nose hurts my eyes. Somehow the prospect of blowing a trumpet is unappealing.

12. I'm hungry - time for breakfast.

13. Here we go with the next conundrum: Cereal or toast?

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Sorry to hear your sick but glad to hear you got your computer back.

Happy Thursday.

TLC said...

I am very much NOT hungry. But I hope your eye feels better. Now mine is itching..funny how the mind works.

My TT is up, too.

TopChamp said...

Hi maggie - I can't get your URL to work but if I come across the link elsewhere I'll pop by... Thanks for the comment.

Akelamalu said...

I hope you didn't go in, you don't want to be spreading it about! Good to hear you've got your laptop back. :)

CountryDew said...

Don't mess around with your eyes! You would miss them if they were gone. Hope you feel better soon.

Travis said...

I hated to take more sick days this week too, but sometimes ya just gotta do it.

Julie said...

Ewww pink eye...gah! Is it getting better every day?