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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #28

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen random things about me.

1. Yesterday afternoon I dug over a bit of the garden. I would have mowed the lawn but I was teaching at 4 and didn't want to have to get grass off my shoes and hoover the house again so postponed it.

2. Last night I was about to mow the lawn until a friend invited me out to a pub with a garden. So I postponed the lawn-mowing again.

3. My boyfriend isn't well and is having pretty disturbed sleep. I am keeping him company in his misery and have also had bad sleep since Monday.

4. We have been having funky dreams as a result of broken sleep. He dreamed he was the only patient in a 1000-bed hospital. He is ill so this makes SOME sense.

5. I dreamt about these cabin eco-homes that I am sure I saw on a blog once. I couldn't get onto the platform without hiking my skirt higher than my pants in front of a stranger.

6. My cat has also been playing a part in the sleep-deprivation with nighttime foot licking and chasing antics.

7. He's OK - he's still snoozing now. He will probably still be snoozing when I get home from work later on.

8. Tonight I plan to mow the lawn. Ha ha!

9. My throat is sore and I still have a cough. After 5 weeks now.

10. Because the docs say that it's just a virus I have been eating a lot of fruit and drinking water in an attempt to make ME healthier.

11. I LOVE clementines.

12. I do not love nectarines. I'll eat them if I'm hungry though.

13. I get an organic veg box delivered once a fortnight. It costs £14. I am thinking about swapping to a fruit and veg box but am worried that we will end up composting too much.

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Picturing of Life said...

Glad to know you better....

Will you visit mine Thanks

Gattina said...

Of course it could only be a dream ! alone in a 1000 bed hospital where they are all overcrowded, lol !

Julie said...

Very interesting 13 here TC! I finally got my lawn mowed on Monday and I fear it will look crappy for Mother's Day.

Yum-oh to clemetines!

Bond said...

cool 13 .. hope BF gets better soon and you both get some sleep

Middle Ditch said...

I had to laugh out loud reading about mowing the lawn. I have been staring at the weeds in my garden for days! Happy spring!

Turnbaby said...

I hope you are feeling better soon sugar. It took me six weeks to get rid of a cough earlier this year. And LOL on the mowing postponement--yay for beer!

Jan Parrish said...

Topchamp - this is an active list. My kids and DH can get me any of the above except the desk chair, since it's already been purchased. However, I figure the mom's out there deserve a shot at one too.

Does the cat need his own room so you can sleep in peace?

grace said...

Hope you feel better! 5 weeks of being sick is no fun!

Zenmomma said...

Hope you stay healthy and get some rest!

TopChamp said...

POL - nice to meet you!

Gattina - dreamt again last night - more disturbed sleep caused by bloody cat.

Julie - I put it off again and now we have rain.

Bond - he's a lot better now.

MD - Oh don't start me on the weeds!

Turn - I can feel that it's getting better now, which is much nicer. SIX weeks??

Jan - if the cat doesn't leave me alone tonight he'll be spending the rest of the week exploring the neighbourhood during the night.

Grace & Zenmomma - feeling a lot better thanks.

Travis said...

Going to the pub is way more fun than mowing the grass. I don't blame you there.

Take care of yourself!