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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Last night was Eurovision! For anyone not in Europe, it's a big festival of tackiness. Each country submits a song and holds a phone vote on the night. The winner hosts the party the following year.

My sister hosts a party for this event where her and her friends choose a country (by pulling the names out of a hat) then have to come in fancy dress from the country. I am not sure how far you have to take the game.

My boyfriend and I play trying to find food and drink from countries. We then watch Eurovision with the score sheet to choose our own favourites.

This year I phoned him at work and asked him to pick a number - which corresponded to a country on my sheet. He ended up picking: Finland, Azerbaijan, UK and Portugal.

So we went to a specialist beer shop and he got a variety of beers.
We went to the supermarket where I bought Portuguese green wine (which is my new absolute favourite thing... I want more!!).

I made up a menu from recipes I found on the Internet.
Portuguese - Salad with Portuguese sausage.

Azerbaijan - Fried Chicken with stewed apricots and raisins served with saffron rice.

Finland - Apricot Star Pastries.

Snacks: UK - so anything we fancied!

We had the salad and it was delicious. I then couldn't be bothered with making the main as we were full up anyway so I'll make it tonight. Around 11pm I thought I'd make the pastries (cheating by using shop bought pastry) but discovered that my boyfriend had bought frozen pastry and had left it in the freezer.

So there's still a feast left for us tonight.

I'll post some videos: The winner, the worst and the UK entry. Maybe also my favourite (Latvia - pirate song.. .hilarious!)
Winner - Russia

Worst (though Germany was also awful) - Spain

UK - I thought it was quite good, but we got almost no points.



Akelamalu said...

You certainly make it fun! I see we came next to last again! :(

Gattina said...

We used to watch this together with friends years ago, but then we got fat up because it became more and more stupid. I think I would hire this russian guy as cleaning man he does a nice job on the floor ! Oh my and that Spanish guy ! he looks like a remedy against love ! and the UK has done better songs in the past. Thanks for the resumé !! I didn't watch it.

Travis said...

I never heard of this, but it looks like it could be lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

I managed to avoid it but I have to agree - I love the pirate song!

TopChamp said...

Ak - hmm... but who cares really?

Gattina - I freely acknowledge that it's bad taste. But I think it's always been pretty silly.

Trav - it's fab. I love it.

GotG - NO! Make it a game and you'll love it - promise .