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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


This is the most excited I have ever been about a holiday. I can't wait! And I have had trouble getting to sleep on the last two nights because my brain has been racing around.

I have also woken up all week feeling hungover, without having drunk any alcohol. Might as well have gone out and had some fun!

Last night we had Brownies. I didn't want to go... but of course had ideas for the night organised anyway. Anyway - I had been a bit fed up with Guiding. On Thinking Day only 1 of the 9 kids who had returned permission slips actually turned up. That really annoyed me, although I wasn't there for long as I just got back from Cardiff that afternoon.

Then last weekend's residential training was cancelled at the last minute (due to the weather which isn't anyone's fault) but I had rearranged work at a fair cost... annoyed again.

SO I was seriously fed up.

But the week I was off, the kids started making adverts for tv about 'growing guiding'. They didn't have time to film them, so we practised them again this week for filming next week (the other Guider was off - she owns the video camera). Anyway - they had all come up with something different but the number of 'I love Brownies because....' sentences really perked me up.


So tonight we go round to a friend's for dinner. As ALWAYS I can't really be bothered, but I know when I go I'll have a great time with some lovely food and ace company.


Jen said...

Enjoy your holiday - and I am glad the Brownies cheered you up a bit. I'd have been flipping furious if only 1/9 had turned up for Thinking Day.

Bond said...

Will this be your first time in the US?

Bond said...

Will this be your first time in the US?

TopChamp said...

Jen, YES! Horrible little scumbags. But they redeemed themselves.

Bond- nope. A couple of years ago we went trumpet shopping in New York. That was FUN. This I think might be better.

Travis said...

Have a great trip!