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Monday, March 08, 2010

Fantastic day.

Today began early. 6.30am I left for work having scrabbled around last minute for some clean clothes.

I found a pair of trousers in my room and thought to myself "I love these trousers. Why have I stopped wearing them?". On finding no obvious flaws I donned the troos and headed off to school.

Before teaching I nipped in for a toilet break... and realised that I had stopped wearing the trousers because the zip was duff.

So I then grabbed a needle and cotton from my bag (as all good Girlguides know, one should always 'be prepared'!) and sewed the fly up.

I then got on with the day.

As I went to put petrol into the car I opened the boot, locked the car, placed my keys on the parcel shelf and took my wallet out of the boot. I then closed the boot. With the keys inside.

If you take a look at my 'example week' below (which may in fact be this week), I don't have much time between school and my rehearsal some distance away.

So I duly called the RAC, and the man came. He was great - tried 5 different ways to break into a car and managed to break in eventually. It is quite comforting to know that it is actually very difficult to break into a Hyundai Getz!

Anyway - loooong day over and I got home 1hr early, so it's not all been bad.


Travis said...

Never set the keys down when the trunk (boot) or any door of your vehicle is open and you are standing outside. I live by this principle.

TopChamp said...

Travis - that is very helpful... I think it's a lesson learnt.