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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Post Costco Cooking

Well, after my Costco experience I attempted yesterday to make dinner from as many of my purchases as possible.

In retrospect this was a mistake.

Our dinner of linguini with tomatoes, artichokes, wild mushrooms and smoked trout was just a bit weird. I ate it... but I won't ever make it again. Leaving out the fish would have improved the meal immensely.


Jen said...

Tomatoes, mushrooms and artichokes are a great combination so I am guessing the issue was the fish too. Maybe fresh fish would have worked better, though I know that you were trying to use the Costco ingredients.

TopChamp said...

Jen - it was a fun game I was playing.... and it wasn't horrible. It would just have been nicer with a trout salad then pasta main.

Bond said...

sheesh girl...spread it out will ya!

Travis said...

Well, it works with gumbo doesn't it? Just throw a little of everything in the pot?

Anonymous said...
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