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Monday, March 08, 2010

working week.

I thought I'd give you an example of my working week to explain how I get confused.

6.30am - leave for work.
9.00am - teach at SchoolA (52 miles from home)
10.20am - teach at SchoolB
1.00pm - teach at SchoolA
4pm - rehearsal (70 miles away from SchoolA)
7.30pm - dress rehearsal
11.00pm - home.

7.30am - leave for work
9.30am - teach at SchoolA
3pm - finish & head home
7.30pm - gig (20 miles from home)

9am - leave for work (takes 40mins less after rush hour!)
10.20am - teach in SchoolB
2.45pm - play piano for a pupil's music exam (nr home)
7.30pm - gig

9am - office job
7.30pm - gig

9am - office job
7.30pm - gig

2pm - rehearsal (86 miles from home)
7.30pm - gig
Stay with friend who lives nearby.

2pm - rehearsal (53 miles from gig on prev day)
6pm - home
9pm - pub quiz.

Total 555miles. 55hrs not incl. commute.


Jen said...

All I can say is Wow!

Bond said...

I agree with Jen..just WOW

TopChamp said...

It's not that many hours though - 55. I thought it would be more. It feels like more!

Travis said...

That does seem like a tough schedule to keep track of. And I didn't even see Brownies on it!