one step at a time.

Friday, March 12, 2010

update on me gob

I have a virus. Nothing can be done about it. Brilliant.


Bond said...

ugh....get better soon

Travis said...

Hang in there and get plenty of rest.

Duncan Heaney said...

Does that mean you can't speak? Paul must be in heaven.

TopChamp said...

Bond - Feeling quite a lot better today. Head is clear and muscles don't ache. Mouth still sore and ears blocked which is rubbish for trumpet, but at least I can think.

Trav - I would love to but I am working a lot. Have another crazy week to go before it all calms down again.

Dinksplat - zip it. Cheeky so and so.

Mrs Successful said...

Hi TC - Dr Quack here. From your 'mouth hurts' description I might've said you had gingivitis - a virus is a much better diagnosis. Keep shtoom! xx