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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

AAAAAAAAAAAAGH my stupid washing machine has broken on the day I have guests coming to stay.

When we bought a flat, like many first time buyers, we had no 'stuff'. We moved in with a side table, a black wooden chair and a computer table and computer.

We bought the basics to get going - a bed, some drawers, a sofa (really cheap - really rubbish). Then a friend offered a deal on a washing machine, tumble dryer and fridge freezer which were in her great Aunt's house. Her aunt was going into a home so we bought the items from her at a bargain price, for which we were VERY grateful!

However the fridge freezer and tumble dryer have since been replaced. It was gutting to have to throw them away but we couldn't find anybody to take the tumble dryer (which worked) and the fridge was finished.

Finally this is the washing machine giving up the ghost. It must be pretty old. It's a Hoover Classica Autowasher 1000- can't find a date using the magic of the internet.

RIP washing machine.


The Guider said...

Bottom of the range from John Lewis is fantastic, rates highly on Which and doesn't cost a bomb. My mum has one and I am waiting for my machine to pass on and I will do it.

Akelamalu said...

Why do washing machines always break down just when you need them most???? It's sod's law!

TopChamp said...

Guider - ever had a washer dryer? I'm thinking abouto that.

AK - Tell me about it!

The Guider said...

I've never had a washer dryer for the simple reason that by the time I owned my own washing machine rather than one in a shared house or used a laundrette, we had a baby. A washer dryer is a great space saver BUT when I have time to wash, I often do two sometimes three washes in a row and if you have a washer dryer, how do you do a second wash if the first wash is still drying. But if there's just two of you, you maybe only run one wash in any one day?

Sniz said...

I'd love to know how old that machine is. Fascinating. Bummer on the timing and expense!

TTYS - Sniz

Travis said...

I bought a new washer & dryer for my old place in southern California, then sold them with the place when I moved up here.

I had good new appliances in my apartment, and then a new dryer when I bought my condo. I just bought a new washer.

So I guess I've avoided the breakdown issue by always having newer appliances.

Bond said...

Hate when that happens..hopefully it will all turn out OK...