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Monday, August 25, 2008


I am just realising that my Brownie pack starts back next week.

A week or two ago a nice Guider from Ireland gave me a newsletter she uses... which I edited for my pack (deleted the name of her and her unit and replaced it with my unit and my name).

I thought last night that I ought post it. So I printed 20 copies, and took the envelopes, addresses and letters to the pub to put it together somewhere with beer. HOWEVER on the bus there I spotted an error...

Can you spot it? In the first big heading (the layout's gone a bit nuts when I've changed it into a JPEG) - "SEPTMEBER".

As this will be the first thing I send to my new Brownies I decided to print them out again. I ripped up the misspelt copies. I printed page 1, then stuck all the paper in to print page 2.

The stupid ink ran out on the reverse of ALL the copies.

So that's 40 copies ruined. On the up-side, I spotted another mistake (it instead of is) which I can now fix too.


The Guider said...

That's really cool - well done you (and Irish Brown Owl cos I assume it is her!)


Anonymous said...

'Uniform' should be 'uniforms,' and it follows that 'this' should be 'these'.

Additionally, it's 'an unit' website, not 'a unit'.

I'll be kind and not mention the comma before the 'and' or the lack of commas after 'term', 'year' and 'Otherwise'.

Also, to make it read better, you could remove the comma after 'money' and insert a 'by' instead.

Other than that, it's great.

Can you tell who THIS is? I'll bet you want to kick me in the cheenies...

TopChamp said...

Guider - it is nice isn't it! I'll be off to buy ink shortly.

Anon - As if I needed the clue at the end! I can't find the places that needed commas after term or year but I've fixed the rest. Cheers for your input. Feeling ok today?

Queenie said...

I guess it has to be spot on, can't have them spotting your mistakes. Mind you you could always say that was the task!!!!!
I admire you dedication and hard work.

Travis said...

I get so stressed about proofing for errors. Just when I think I've got them all, there's another one!

Hopefully all goes well with your third printing. The layout looks great!