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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dodgy geezer

Last night I had fish and chips before going out.

At the chippy a man came in asking for a carrier bag because his plastic bag had split outside just up the road. He was not a chip shop customer.

The owner of the shop told him that there was a 5p charge for a plastic bag. The guy thought for a second then left.

The owner then told us dodgy guys come into the chippy quite often asking for a carrier bag that they can use to hide the item they've just stolen from a car up the road.

The dodgy guy came back into the shop and this time I noticed he had a big square/rectangular object hidden underneath his jumper. He asked to see the plastic bag. The shopkeeper showed him but he didn't buy it and left for good this time.

I want to know what you could nick from a car that's about the size of a box of tissues (maybe slightly bigger)?


The Guider said...

car stereo? When i had a pull out one in my renault 5 it was about that size.

first aid kit? :)

tom tom? But they're a but smaller

Mrs Successful said...

A box of tissues ... maybe? Sorry, but they'll take anything nowadays and maybe the poor wee soul had a cold!

Anyway, wasn't that chippy man on the ball, TC? See - you've nothing to be bored about - life is exciting 4 u.

Akelamalu said...

A stereo? Cheeky buggers aren't they?

Bond said...

radio, CD Player, Radar detector,

Queenie said...

in-car audio system maybe!!!

TopChamp said...

Everyone - Really I was just interested in which one of YOU dodgy geezers would know the answer!

(only joking x)