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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #30

Thursday Thirteen
13 Things I have to do today:
  1. Take the first wash from last night out to dry
  2. Put on a wash
  3. Go to work in my office job
  4. Buy shoes
  5. Meet a friend
  6. Put on a wash
  7. Put clothes out to dry
  8. Put on a wash
  9. Put clothes out to dry
  10. Put on a wash
  11. Put clothes out to dry
  12. PUT ON A WASH!
  13. Go to bed.
To explain - we got our new washing machine after a week without one. Bear in mind that I broke the washing machine when it was definitely due a couple of cycles already.
It promises to be a barrel of fun today.


Queenie said...

I'd only want to do number 4. Hope the rain stays away so you can get all your washing dry....

Gattina said...

Oh my ! that reminds me that I have laundry in my dryer at least since a week !

Alice Audrey said...

Are you saying it's laundry day?

Barbara H. said...

Oh my -- I'd be drowning in laundry after a week without a washing machine!! Hope you get lots done today.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Bond said...

May I suggest you do some laundry?

bernieg1 said...

Well before you go to bed tonight maybe you can stop by in between the washing and read my 13 annoying things that get on my nerves about the Internet!

TopChamp said...

Queenie - Ha ha! I did 1, 2, 3, 5... and that's as far as I have got. Wishing I'd bought a washer dryer now as at least I'd have clean dry pants for tomorrow!

Gattina - That's better than the growing pile of wet washing I have at the moment.

Alice - um... yep.

Barbara - hope you had a good one!

Bond - no need, my friend. A week of comando living means I am WELL aware of this!

B1 - consider it done.

Starrlight said...!

TopChamp said...

Star - I KNOW and I couldn't be bothered because deep down (ok not very deep down at all) friends and beer appeal more. Short term gain though... I'd have the shoes with me now...

colleen said...

This reads like a nursery rhyme.

"Put on a wash" is something you wouldn't hear here in the U.S. not because we all have dirty clothes but because we'd say "do a load of laundry" or "wash clothes."

Travis said...

Sounds like you had a laundry back up!

colleen said...

I actually did laundry today and remembered that most commonly we say, "throw in a load of laundry." We don't actually throw and a load can be light. Language is funny.

TopChamp said...

Trav - I was due to do a mountain last Tuesday but the machine broke - we then continued to wear clean clothes for another week. I have JUST finished the last load although the jeans I had on today still need a wash.

colleen - you got me questioning the vocab today! I just checked that my phrase is normal here - which he says it is. I like the changes in language. Coming over now in case you've replied to tell me what the icecream tasted of!

The Guider said...

I too put a wash on - and I will have to put about 6 washes on tomorrow as we are back from France.

Which machine did you go for then? I know it wasn't John Lewis...

TopChamp said...

A Hoover - which is the type we already had. As that machine I estimate to be WELL over ten years old... closer to twenty.... it seemed like a fine plan to me.