one step at a time.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I want more hours in the day. I am not tired much at the moment but you can't practise the trumpet at 9pm in a flat in a city. So I want more daytime hours. Or a house in the middle of nowhere.

If I could do it my way I would practise on and off mixed in with all the other household things that need doing all day and all night.

I have a practise mute which I can use. It muffles me right down to under the level of the TV even but it isn't rewarding to play with. I suppose it will have to do.

Plan for Brownies tomorow: Jewellery making. I saw a craft somewhere where you rip paper into long thin triangles and wrap it round knitting needles to make beads. I'll let you know how it goes!


Anndi said...

Don't we all.... yup.

can you take pictures of the jewellery making... I think Chicklet might like that!

TopChamp said...

Anndi - I'll try! I was going to do a tester but can't quite be ars'd.

The Guider said...

the beads sound good - hope it goes well

CountryDew said...

The practicing must go one... even muffled! Hope the jewelry making goes well.

Bond said...

Hope all goes well with the Brownies...and get that country mansion..

Mrs Successful said...

I'm feeling needy every day TC! I've said it before, and I'll say it again - those Brownies don't know how well off they are having you tooting their horn - you're always looking for something new and adventurous for them. You'll have them into diamond cutting next! xx

Middle Ditch said...

Lucky Brownies.

Take a bus out of the city, stand in a field and play as loud as you like. That will be very satisfactory, I promise you.