one step at a time.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


We were planning to spend this weekend with friends down South. However they're ill - so we're in Glasgow still... and I have a mountain of work to do.

The first job is to copy and post some accompaniments for some gigs we have coming up in Wales & England. It's taken me most of the day to get our new scanner sorted out and to get the music scanned in. I can't post originals as I have 3 different organists to post the stuff to and only 1 set of originals (obviously).

I suppose I had better get on with it.


Anndi said...

Shame about your mates. Hope the rest of the weekend is better.

Travis said...

Good luck with your scanning. Sorry you couldn't head south for some fun.

TopChamp said...

Anndi - thanks!

Travis - TY. They're feeling better which is good - spoke to them this morning when their 1 year old daughter phoned me by mistake.

Anndi said...

Better their 1 year old phone you than than China. hehehe!