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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Brownies is back!

We started today and we had 20 kids. That's LOADS. We had 16 before and I thought that was plenty. 20? Wow. And I only made 1 of them cry.

They are a mixed bunch. One of them is tiny - and very cute! One is a fighter - she broke a guide's hand kicking last year whilst at Rainbows. Tonight she kicked another Brownie (who kicked her back). I told her that it was not acceptable behaviour and that if it happened again I would speak to her parents (hence the tears). The majority of them are VERY confident little girls, which is good.. but very noisy, which could be good or bad.

We had fun. We made name badges (coz I have so many new ones) with stickers and felt tips. We had a pow wow (they sit in a circle and we discuss anything that needs to be said). We appointed sixers and told the girls their sixes. We played some games. Then Brownie Bells and home time. It went quite quickly. It wasn't the smoothest evening ever, but it was ok and I'm sure we'll get the hang of the bigger group soon enough.


The Guider said...

"and I only made one of them cry" ROFL

Sounds like she deserved it though, hopefully she'll behave better next time.

Got to admit my ideal number for a unit is 18, 20 max, but we always go up to 24 because I can't say no and it makes our high rent less of a dent on our subs.

Bond said...

Next time put the kicker in the middle and let all the other girls kick her....


TopChamp said...

Jen - I think the tears were about testing how far she could push it. Ignoring it worked - she was back playing again the next minute.

Bond - BAD behaviour, eh? Don't worry, I won't tolerate it.

Travis said...

Now did you meet your quota on bringing children to tears?


Annelisa said...

20? That's pretty good going! Bet they run you off your feet alright. You've never trained to be a fully fledged teacher, have you? But keeping a group that big is just about there... maybe you could consider it :-) Music teacher?

Hope you're well and good and enjoying life XX

TopChamp said...

Hey Annelisa - I MISS YOU!!!!! Are you back for good?