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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I feel like I have so many balls in the air at the moment one of them has to drop.

I have Brownie stuff, gig stuff, teaching stuff. I always feel like this at the start of the year though - it'll calm down. Think it might be time to make myself a list.

Brownies last night was fun. We did an evening on friendship as I'm still trying to get used to all the new ones. (We had another sign up last night - overfull now). We put their names on each envelope and everyone has to write something nice about each person and put it in the envelope. They get to take the envelopes home full of nice things.

Note to anyone who does this: VET the comments. We didn't. I never imagined that anyone would put anything mean in the envelopes, but we got a couple of 'she is annoying's. We did it in sixes rather than as a whole group because I didn't want it to last all evening.

I printed teddy bear colouring in templates for the girls then gave them instructions for the colouring in like 'For the ears: If you have brothers (only) colour red, sisters only colour blue, both colour yellow, neither colour pink' etc. The idea of this is that at the end they will see how alike they are. We didn't quite finish this so we'll do that bit next week. We'll make a display out of them too.

Other than that we planned this term and played port/starboard. The old Brownies knew about it already and have always enjoyed it, and the new ones thought it was great.


Travis said...

Some actually wrote mean things? Nasty little tykes eh?

The Guider said...

What else did you do for the teddy bears? That's a great idea and I want to nick it but can't think of questions.

Bond said...

if 'she is annoying' is the worst, you are lucky!

Nice Job

TopChamp said...

Trav - MeanISH. Mean enough for me to have bollocked them if I'd noticed.

Jen - for the teddy template.

Umm... if you like marmite/don't like marmite (that one was funny coz half of them had never heard of marmite and headed home all set to ask for it after I said they sell it in Sainsburys... and it's gross!), If you like dancing, sport or music ____ (diff colour for liking 1, 2, 3 or none), If you have brown hair, blonde hair or red hair (we have no other kinds.. and the only red-head is a leader who was playing!)... Can't remember them all but it was good. I think having differing degrees of difficulty in the question helped keep the older ones interested too.
I left one for them to give me their own question (I helped with ideas) and they chose: If you have pets/don't have pets.

Bond - I suppose. But they're meant to like each other (guess it isn't that easy).

TopChamp said... more accurately!

The Guider said...

Thanks for the link - I was tempted to download the angry teddy as I thought it looked really funny but I went for the normal one.

Ta for the questions too, will need to get thinking.