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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ill again

I'm gonna start posting with this title when I have a cold, as I feel like I've been ill all year. I suspect that is not true - but with a big gig coming up the last thing I need is a chesty cough. If I do this I'll be able to tell for sure. Or maybe I should tag the posts.

Anyway - back to normal stuff.

At Brownies last night we made chocolate truffles using cream cheese, icing sugar and melted chocolate. It looked disgusting!!!!!!!!!! But tasted surprisingly alright. It didn't set properly so they went home with brown blobs on greaseproof paper, rather than rolled up truffle balls as I'd expected. I tried not to get too involved in this as I'm not well.

They seemed quite happy despite my lecturing them on good behaviour and brownie points (I'm really not feeling good and they weren't watching for the hand in the air thing - for any non-Brownies, when the Guider puts her hand up it means stop where you are right now and shut it). We also had a game of practising what you do when the hand goes up. One of them talked all 4 times we tried it so I made her sit at the side while we did songs. That was actually annoying as she's one of the best singers.

Anyway - it felt very hard work. I think they had fun though. Next week they're preparing for their promise and starting hostess badge as we normally get them through this one as part of their promise ceremony.


The Guider said...

LOL - I've never heard the hand in the air described as hand in the air and shut it.

But I like it - get well soon.

TopChamp said...

Guider - not quite how I'd describe it to the kids I admit!

Monique said...

Oh well, a truffle is a truffle whatever it's shape.

Get well soon.

TopChamp said...

Hi Monique - I suppose it is! They tasted a bit strange (think that was the cream cheese) but overall pretty nice. Kid friendly anyway. However their bad behaviour (over-excited) lead to a trapped finger in the table and someone else bumping their arm... so silliness had to stop.

Akelamalu said...

Sorry to hear you're ill again. I bet the truffles were enjoyed even if they were the wrong shape!

TopChamp said...

Ak - I had the flu jab this year cos they were giving it away free. I won't do that again - have had a cold almost constantly it seems since.

jennifer said...

The chocolate sounded GOOD! Doesn't really matter how it looks, chocolate is chocolate!

Take Care,


Mother of Invention said...

Good to see you're still enjoying Brownies but hope you get better. Things are getting back to fall routine here too. Sad to see summer go.

Anndi said...

I've been sneezing up a storm lately... hoping it's just allergies.

Hope you feel better soon.

Travis said...

I've been dodging a cold for a couple of weeks. When I get sniffly, I take some Nyquil and the next morning the snifflies have gone.

Bond said...

Feel better dear.

TopChamp said...

Jennifer - YUM to chocolate! It's brown colour doesn't always help its appearance.

MOI - nearly kicked it now despite a heavy weekend of travel and performing. Thank you though!

Anndi - Fingers crossed for allergies indeed as you'll avoid the aches at least.

Trav - See my mistake was to ignore the sniffle and drink a LOT of beer rather than having an early night and a fresh orange juice or something.

Bond - thank you. You must be getting bored coming and reading about snot and grot. Sorry! I think I may have a post-able recording for you soon.... emailable at the least!