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Sunday, October 05, 2008

American Politics

As we have previously established, I really don't understand American politics. Seriously - how is there even still an election race here? Surely that side with nutjob Palin on can't be an option really? SURELY nobody with a brain would actually elect McCain. So based on that logic with the reported closeness in the polls, I'm not getting an particularly rosy view of American intellect from our press.

Or am I missing something?


Gattina said...

I agree with you ! nobody here in Europe can understand that ! It's not your press alone it's the whole European press who says the same ! The poor Americans living here in Brussels don't understand their compatriots either. So far I haven't met a single one who is for this old grandpa or this crazy woman !

scentg said...

sorry to say, from the middle of america, we may have a battle on our hands. many fellow americans are falling for mccain and his side-kick, based on "conservative principles". even sorrier to report many men i know are voting that way because they think palin is hot!
pray for us!

Travis said...

Sometimes Americans will vote against their own self interest.

Either they haven't properly educated themselves, or they have a single issue that is more important to them than any other issue and they will cast their vote in the interest of that issue alone.

It isn't rational, but it is the challenge.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Sadly, so sadly, you are not missing a thing. I think there is something to do with brainwashing en masse.

Bond said...

And sadly, speaking from the South...I have heard many Democrats who have expressed the feeling that they "can not vote for their candidate, because..." and the unsaid part of that is the racial aspect and that, in itself, is a very scary thing to hear in 2008.

Scentg...I am even less impressed with any man who would vote for a candidate because she is 'hot' (and personally, I am not in that mind-set...she does nothing for me)

TopChamp said...

Gattina - Glad to hear it's not just us!

Scentg - hello and thank you for your comment - it's great to hear from you. I think Palin is fairly attractive but it's NUTS to vote for looks!!

Trav - think it's a challenge you can win?

Maryam - You're well out of it I think though it must be weird to watch for you. How're the politics in Marakesh?

Bond - Well you have a far more beautiful woman at home so I suppose Palin pales by comparison. I hadn't thought about racism. That's so sad!

bon bon said...

i'd like to put my vote in for, palin as wackjob. i couldn't understand mccain's train of thought picking her either, and at first he had some idiots fooled. but the polls are now showing the fools are beginning to pay attention. no one can possibly be that stupid, right? (fingers crossed, since i made that same statement in 2004.)

smalltownmom said...

Speaking from California, I can't understand it either!