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Thursday, October 09, 2008

bloody amateurs

Imagine this:

You are a self-employed musician. You are asked to do a gig 6 months in the future for really bad money.

You take the gig because you have nothing else booked for that week and there is no reason not to.

At the end of the phone call, the amateur booker says 'OK great. So you won't drop out now before the gig will you? I mean we really want to get this sorted out firmly right now.. etc'.

What do you reply?

I reply something like 'oh yeah of course sure...' (bearing in mind I'm a good 1/2 bottle of peach schnapps down by the time of this conversation)...

I am THINKING though: "Who the hell do you think you are? The money for this is sh't so if I'm offered something for a decent fee what do you think I'm gonna do??".



Bond said...

Sounds like they have booked people for crap money before and then been canceled on at the last minute.

Travis said...

I agree with Bond. If they aren't going to pay well, then they really can't complain too much.

TopChamp said...

Had they not said that my opinion of them would be a hell of a lot better already, and the chance of me dropping the gig is slim anyway. The chance of me dropping it without finding a suitable replacement is nil. So all it achieved was to p'ss me off.

Also - they're going to put a contract in the post. Good luck having that delivered, signed and received back safely through Royal Mail.... I suspect it will go missing somewhere along the way.

Anonymous said...

Don't think you should bite the hand that feeds you!

TopChamp said...

Is that Mum? Think you should re-read and you will clearly find that I didn't. I just wanted to.

CountryDew said...

Self-employment and freelancing is a difficult life. Too many people do not understand it!