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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sloe Gin Making


Well according to the many recipes, all of which were similar, take 1lb sloes, 1litre gin, 1 wineglass of sugar.

Prick the skins of the sloes and drop them in the gin (obviously you have to remove some gin first or they won't fit.

I went for putting half in an old vodka bottle).

Add the sugar and shake.

Shake daily for a week then weekly for two months.

In my wisdom I decided to make this sat in the front room watching telly. This was due to the number of berries I would have to prick. It seemed daunting without other entertainment, but I can't remember what was on the box so it must have entertained me more than I expected.

This is the colour it is at the moment.


Middle Ditch said...

Yum, yum ......... I make wine. Sloe is one of them and elderberry and dandelion in April, loads. 5 gallon at the time.

I never made sloe gin but must try it one day. Nice and strong and dry, just as I like my wines.


TopChamp said...

Monique - if you're in Glasgow in December you're welcome to try this mixture!

Bond said...

Just in time for the holidays!

Akelamalu said...

You're going to have a Merry Christmas! LOL

TopChamp said...

bond - how handy is that!?

AK - Hopefully!!

Travis said...

Other than pricking the sloes (I don't really know what that means) it doesn't sound like too much work. I hope it turns out well.