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Friday, October 24, 2008


Well that's the visit over. It was good fun - but I don't think I'll ever be comfortable around his mother.

On his actual birthday we took a trip to Callander to go to the Rob Roy exhibition (which was amusingly bad when we visited in the past), but it had closed. So we took a scenic drive home. We then went out to dinner (after I had finished Brownies, of course).

On the next day I spent the morning preparing a buffet for 30 people, played a gig in the afternoon, came home to teach and we then went out to his birthday party in a local pub. He was in his element as he could plug his own MP3 player into the sound system. The other guests (in particular his Mum) seemed less enthralled after a few hours of it, so I asked her if we should put on the 'party mix' (from his sister's boyfriend's ipod). Her reply was 'Yes, might liven it up a bit'. So I plugged it in.... and he chucked a wobbly. I wanted to smack him and am still annoyed about it now actually. There's nothing he can do to change it but from that moment on I did not enjoy his party, and had it been anyone else's I would have left. Rude arsehole. Honestly - thinking about his petulant reaction makes me genuinely angry. I have never wanted to walk out of anywhere as much. But I didn't - I stuck it out and smiled. I tried (and failed) to talk to his mum. I bought drinks, drank drinks, ate buffet, chatted to my friends and to some of his colleagues.

He enjoyed himself - which is the main thing. He was clearly very happy to have his sister, mum dad and sister's boyfriend here. His sis is fantastic and her boyfriend is very funny. I like them a lot.

And now he's officially old. Ha! Lucky for me that I'm not planning to turn 30 ever.

I am having a nice time tonight doing nothing - it's pleasing me greatly. However by writing the above I've wound myself up again so I think it's time for me to go and get a(nother) glass of wine!


Queenie said...

In-laws, sometimes they take the biscuit!!!! Cheers my dear enjoy your wine, and be forever 29......

The Guider said...

Hmm, sounds like he was more of an issue than his mum! And how exactly are you planning to avoid 30?

TopChamp said...

I'm just going to stop having birthdays. I'd rather never have a birthday party/present again than turn 30.

His mum's really nice but I don't find her easy to chat to.

Turnbaby said...

Oh I love that expresssion "take the biscuit"!! That's awesome.

I'm curious about how the sloe gin is doing. Having made myself very ill in my youth with Sloe Gin Fizzes I won't touch the stuff.

TopChamp said...

Ha ha. I didn't even notice it.

The sloe gin's doing it's thing. I'm glad I blogged it because I've forgotten when I did it already.

Sloe gin fizz is interesting me now.... google here I come!

TopChamp said...

That sounds terrible! I did notice the comment (though I hadn't replied) but I didn't spot the turn of phrase as it's normal here.

Middle Ditch said...

Oh dear, for a thirty year old he is still pretty childish, isn't he? And as for his mother, she might just find it as difficult as you do. Just talk.

Travis said...

Chucked a wobbly? I'm glad you went on to explain that with context. I'd never heard that bit of slang before.

Sorry the evening wasn't all you wanted, but at least it's over now and you can maybe have another opportunity to get to know the mum.


CountryDew said...

When you find out how to stop the birthdays from coming, be sure to let everyone know!