one step at a time.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My boyfriend and I rarely have timeoff together. Today we are both off work.

He wants to do something fun today - and I really don't.
He wants to go out for lunch, to head into town... to GO somewhere to do something.
I want to knit my slippers, to practise the cornetto, to teach later, to do some journalling.
He wants me to come out with him.
I want him to do something here - like finish painting, or play his new computer game, or garden. Or to go OUT without dragging me into it too.

I am busy working for the next few weeks almost all the time, so we won't have much time again for a while.

By rights we should be trying to spend this day together - but I am finding him really annoying as he's pottering around the house when I know he wants to go out and do something. I wish he would just go and do what he wants to do and leave me alone!


Bond said...

Share and share alike..if you go today, the next time he must stay home or vice versa...

Gattina said...

Hehehe ! That's the typical couple dilemma ! Don't give up, it takes a while of commun life to find compromises ! In a few years he will be happy to go out alone or vice versa !

TopChamp said...

We went out for lunch - I cheered up, then he sat reading in the house while I did my stuff. So we did compromise in the end.

Travis said...

Sometimes the moods don't align when the time does. That's ok.

Glad you came to an understanding though.