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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Old Firm Rivalry

I forgot that my friend (for whom I made the hat) was a Rangers fan. This means it is against the laws of nature for her to wear green. Did you spot the last post? I made her the greenest of green hats.
She was very excited to get a hat and it looked very cute on her but I made her give it back so I could do another one, as I know whilst she'd wear it for a while, she'd stop wearing it because of the colour. I'd rather give it to someone who'd genuinely love it.
This is the new hat - I think it's pretty.


The Guider said...

Seriously? I've never taken my Rangers-affiliation that far, I'd never wear green and white hoops but that's it, I love the colour green!

Tawny said...

I love it!!!! I am jealous now.

Bond said...


TopChamp said...

Guider - I have a cat hinderance tonight but will try to reply!

Aye - she told me her mum used to cut the sepals off roses on her socks etc coz they were green when she was little.

She didn't say she'd never wear it... I just know that'd be the case. I should've remembered but the whole thing's just bizarre to me.

Tawny - THANKS x x x I'll make you one.

Bond - you know you're a lovely pal, right?

Travis said...

I'm ok with wearing some of the colors of rival teams. But I do understand that these things can be a bit different over across the pond.