one step at a time.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Gross stuff: I walked into the staff toilet at a gig tonight to find an old lady having a pee with the assistance of her carer. Why oh why could they not lock the door?

Brownie stuff: I missed the meeting tonight - but know they're doing some Thinking Day things and some pancake day things.

I had an email today from the local woodland group - award winners, don't you know? They have said that we can help plant some trees and they'll give us a talk/guided tour of the woods. COOL!

Also - the community policeman is coming in to see the girls.

Work stuff: I have reports to do. Again. I have 3 different teaching jobs, all of which require reports at different times of the term. It's lucky that report-writing is my all time favourite passtime really.

Knitting stuff: Baby blanket getting there. 4 squares and a border to go.

Fun stuff: Our friend has booked us all a holiday in a cabin in the highlands.

We've been to the aquarium near Loch Lomond - it was rubbish.

We've also been for a walk in Lochwinnoch where two very friendly mink came out to say hello. One black, one grey.

Oooo - we also went to the seaside in North Berwick. VERY beautiful but I haven't got round to uploading the pictures yet.


Tawny said...

Quiet times then? One day things will calm down a bit.

TopChamp said...

Tawny - I hope not x This felt really quiet to me - I feel great - as if I've had a holiday. Needed it last week.

Bond said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww on the walking in...that is why they make locks

Travis said...

Lots of stuff going on today. But you definitely could have done without the walking in. Me too.

CountryDew said...

Very interesting! Just thought I'd drop in and say "hey".