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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Old Geezer

Dixie has bladder stones - he's going to be ok although he'll be on a diet of special vet food forever now. He had two injections and has pills and capsules, plus wet and dry food designed for old cats with bladder problems.

Last night we had our Brownie Friendship Pledge Party.

The girls had to pair up with someone they didn't know that well, then they decorated a star shaped biscuit using items their friend particularly liked - colour of type of sweetie. I iced one for our Young Leader who said that she likes yellow especially in her decorations... weirdo! Yellow smarties and jelly tots for her then. I bought cakes (making biscuits was enough work) then gave them Love Hearts to use, as it's valentines day this week, to decorate a cake for themselves. I had planned to let them eat the cakes later but they didn't want to in the end when I said they'd have time for another game if they took them home.

We cleared up then played games: Unlucky 13 (so they could go out in pairs to wash their hands while the rest of us got on with something else), the Friends Game suggested by a Brownie (Two go outside with a leader and have to learn as much about each other as possible. Meanwhile the girls inside think up five questions for them to answer - trying to catch them out), then In and Out the Dusty Bluebells. Is it dusty or dusky? I don't suppose it matters.

That was about all we had time for after six points*, letters, goodie bags (chocolate heart and a heart shaped hairclip) and Brownie Bells.

*Brownies can earn points for their Six group - at the end of term they win a prize for the most points.


The Guider said...

What a yummy meeting - wish I was there!

Anndi said...

Awww poor cat. I hear bladder stones are painful. Hoping the meds work!

Bond said...

Sorry about Dixie...but good you caught it early

Travis said...

I hear that happens with older male cats. They often don't get enough water. I'm always keeping an eye on Mr Tucker to make sure he eats enough of his canned food. So far so good.