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Monday, February 09, 2009

Big lazy ginger tom cat

Today we have had a lot of snow. I have a cat called Dixie. We have a cat flap. Dixie does not have a litter tray as he has a garden outside. Dixie does not like snow. Today I realised how much.

Having dozed around on the sofa all morning I saw Dixie get up and jump into my magazine rack. It made me chuckle until I had to dive across the room to drag him out as it was VERY clear he was about to use it as a toilet.

The cheek of the old man!

I took him outside. He likes to go outside when he has my boyfriend or me with him. I had to clear the steps anyway as I am nervous that someone could hurt themselves. Sure enough - off he went to do his business before scuttling back inside to sleep again.

UPDATE 12am: The cat is ill. It wasn't the snow. He is peeing a LOT and there is blood in it. In the morning I'll take him to the vet. He's asleep now and seems happy enough.


CountryDew said...

I hope the cat is okay.

Bond said...

Hope the Kitty is OK..

Travis said...

Oh my. I hope everything works out ok.