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Thursday, February 05, 2009

since the car broke down

I have tried to get out of work - as it wouldn't have been possible to get from one teaching place to the next in 15 mins without a car............ to find that I wasn't meant to be teaching anyway. Nice!

I have skived a bit at Brownies as I was on my own. Told the kids that we were going to 'practise' games that we're going to do at their Pledge Party next week. They looked at me as if I was stupid and one put her hand up to tell me that she didn't think they needed to PRACTISE games as they're pretty good at them already. Not so daft, these kids! We also did some anti-bullying stuff and some relaxation exercises that made them giggle a LOT.

Guider: When you're playing head to head do they have to run around in between instructions? Wasn't sure about that bit.


The Guider said...

Hiya - no I don't make them run about. But they are not allowed to pair with the same person twice, so that helps with the moving about.

TopChamp said...

Guider - thanks! It was a game suggested to avoid running so I suppose I should have known that really!!